Working for buyers is highly rewarding personally and professionally. I conduct my business in such a way that I do not have the need for hired assistants and my clients will always receive my utmost attention that has been personalized for their individual goals. I should add, I am continually impressed by my first time buyer clients and am quite frankly humbled by their tenacity and resourcefulness, and they always deserve the highest level of service.

As the real estate industry has changed in the 15+ years I have been a broker, the foundation of service and objective, non-biased advice based has remained constant. Regardless of my buyer client’s goals, expectations and individual circumstance, I bring a strong tenacity to spend as much time as it takes with each client to reach their goals.

Brian was referred to us and we couldn’t have been happier. He was so great at giving us thoughtful advice and insight throughout the purchasing process. With Brian’s thorough expertise in the real estate market and his proactive attitude, he provided us with comps for similar homes and was able to draft up an offer that was realistic and competitive. Needless to say, we were able to purchase the dream home we wanted, at the price we wanted, thanks to Brian.

One of the lessons I have learned is to make my approach to assisting buyers as flexible and dynamic as possible. For some, this means the traditional approach. After a few meetings to establish the wants and needs of my buyer client, I exclusively conduct the search for the right home through running a daily search in the NWMLS, preview in person the homes that fit the criteria and show only homes that I have pre-selected and would be worth my client’s limited time.

On the other end, many of my clients, whether they are buying their first or third home, are comfortable receiving email alerts based on their own self-selected criteria, and then utilize my service more as a consultant once they have identified properties themselves.

On either end of the spectrum, and everywhere in between, I am perfectly happy adjust my approach to be suitable for to client’s preferences. Said another way, despite 15+ years in the industry, I have learned to be as flexible as possible. Regardless of whether we are going to spend multiple weekends in a row looking at homes I have already previewed, or whether we are working together occasionally, the backbone of the service remains the same.

We have had wonderful experiences with Brian, as both home buyers and sellers. When we were in the market for our first home, Brian spent countless hours researching, touring, and counseling us until we found the right place. The home buying process can be stressful and tedious at times, but Brian was always incredibly patient with us – and always happy to show us more homes, answer more questions, or get more information. He had extensive knowledge of the city and neighborhoods we were considering, and we were always confident in the information he provided. – Mary and Boyd