About Brian

As a real estate broker in Seattle, I hold three core values working with clients: to always be principled, diligent and tenacious.

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Principled and Knowledgeable

I have chosen real estate as a career since I care about the health of our community, and know that clients would seek out a broker that is invested in their future, and who would approach every transaction in a fair, honest manner. My interactions with clients and other brokers is always transparent, honest and solely in my client’s best interests. I strive towards each client feeling as though they are experts in the market as well, so throughout our professional relationship there are no surprises and I provide insight into what can be an opaque industry.

Real estate is also more than a career for me, as it is also where I focused my academic pursuits. I am class of 2012 graduate of the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments, obtaining a Master of Urban Planning, with a focus on Historic Preservation, and a Master of Science in Real Estate, with a focus on equitable development. The graduate level research on real estate, historic preservation and city planning policy has provided me a highly specialized and unique view of buying, selling, managing and developing real estate in Seattle– insights and expertise I share with my clients.


I have been a broker at Lake and Company since 2002, and have guided clients through each successive wave of Seattle’s real estate cycle. From my very first transaction, to the latest, I have been committed to my clients receiving the utmost care and professionalism from me. Patience and diligence from me is owed to all my clients. Each client is given the care and time that is necessary to navigate through a sometimes stressful, but ultimately, rewarding process.

We have worked with Brian for close to ten years. We have found him to be very responsive and willing to do what is best for us regardless of how long it takes.


Life is not a track meet, it is a marathon. -Ice Cube

2011 Portland Marathon


Every successful endeavor requires the professional you chose to hire to exhibit high energy towards your goals. Whether I work with a buyer on one successful offer or on twenty, each offer and property is approached with the same effort as the first. I am humbled by the trust that my clients have placed in me, and I continually work to make sure it is earned every day.

…He works so hard for his clients and is also a pleasure to spend time with. He is a great listener and works to understand what your needs and wants are in professional, friendly, and no-pressure way. 

More than Real Estate

Having lived in Seattle since I was 15 years old (my first job was Daly’s Drive-In on Eastlake, that I had for 4+ years), I have developed a strong interest in neighborhood development and care deeply about the health of Seattle’s communities.

I am often involved in professional projects outside of brokerage, with a particular focus in Seattle’s International District. My graduate school thesis analyzed the affordable housing and historic preservation incentives that are available to property owners in the historic core of the neighborhood. The Bramble Project takes you to other projects I am involved in that would be of great interest to those interested in where real estate intersects with those in the community.

Annual Pig Roast at my home.

Outside of my professional work I guess you can say I try to reach “peak Seattle.” The winter is spent skiing as much as I can get away with. I try to fill the summer with short camping and hiking trips in between work. With the time leftover, I am trying to perfect my next barbecue creation or starting-but maybe not finishing-yet another project on my 1906 Ballard home.